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This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.

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What can I expect from these sessions

Tantra sex program,

  • An initial consultation.

  • A discussion of a potential programme.

  • A decision as to whether you are ready and appropriate to meet a goddess.

The eventual programme will vary according to your personal interest.

Step 1) Phone or personal consultation with Kerry.

"I like to first prepare you for the session with the Goddess by giving you some secrets and practices that allow you to make love for extended periods of time so you don't ejaculate to soon or loose your erection. However we all know that women don't only like the physical, they are not just looking for a stud, they want connections on deeper levels.

So the second thing I teach you is how to do that, I give you the secrets of 'turning sex into making love'. This is one of the greatest secrets a man can learn - to please a woman. It's important you use your time wisely with the goddess. You can get the theory from asking me questions and reading but your time with the goddess is precious because that's where theory turns into experience. It's like learning a new dance. Like salsa, you can get the steps from a book, but it's only when you do the dance with someone who is experienced that you get the rhythm. Here you get to practice with someone who can really dance and can guide you. It's only then that you gain the confidence to dance with someone else and do it successfully.

What is so unique about this work is that you form a connection with the goddess. It's a totally different experience to that of going to a sex worker or sensual masseur, where you don't make any real connection with her or learn very much. With this experience, you leave being a far better lover, with knowledge and practises that only a handful of men know anything of, something that you will always treasure. Very few men will ever get to experience being with a woman skilled in Tantra.

After your time with the goddess I review your progress with you and explain how you can integrate it into your current lovelife, whether it is with your partner or someone new."

Connecting heat of genitals with warmth of the heart

Images from : 'The Secrets of Sacred Sex DVD'

Step 2) Your Time with the Goddess

'Tara' , a Tantric Goddess:

"I first speak to Kerry about you and prepare our session accordingly. The session usually takes from an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half. I start by making you feel comfortable and relaxed and review some of the things we will be doing. We then go into the adjoining room, which I call my Temple. It's a beautiful space where I have candles and music and soft colours. It's a sacred space, which creates a warm and intimate feeling. I like to change into transparent Goddess clothing or sensual underwear and have a robe for you. We do some preparatory things together involving connecting sexuality with love, showing you how to move your body in tantric ways that allow the sexual energy that I evoke in you to flow through us. I guide you to use breath, thought and muscle release to keep you totally connected to me and so thoroughly absorbed in the moment that nothing else exists. While we are in Yab Yum together in close embrace, there is a connection between us on all levels and although you are filled with sexual energy, you feel no urgency to ejaculate because I teach you how to ride the waves of orgasmic energy with me as we move into the ecstasy of tantric sexual spiritual experience.

You have now moved from the theory into knowing what the dance of tantra feels like and you leave full of energy, warmth and sexual delight that you'll feel for days later.

One of the great Tantra Teachers of the past once said " When you pulsate from your toes to your head, when every fibre of your being is alive, when all the cells of your body dance, when there is a great orchestra inside you, you know you have been touched by the goddess."

Step 3) Follow up .

"I go over your session with the Goddess with you and share more tantric sexual secrets for men and discuss with you how to integrate what you have learned into your life. I also give you feedback from the Goddess and suggest sections of the book and the video to refer to. We discuss whether both the Goddess and you wish to proceed with a set of four sessions (in total)

You may think this work sounds extraordinary, even unbelievable, but what we share with you in this programme is not just theory, it's practices we've developed that have worked successfully for hundreds of people. We've been studying, researching and teaching Tantra and Goddess sexual secrets for twenty years. The success of our book and video attests to our experience and credibility. Our work has always been of the highest quality and so are the Goddesses. One of our greatest gifts as teachers of tantra is that whatever we do it's practical, it can be integrated into your life and it works!"

Cost: for the one and a half hour private session with a goddess also including the the internationally best selling book on Tantra "Sexual Sercets for Men, what every woman will want her man to know' and members lectures, the cost is $250 in total. For details of these sessions, including complete program, master class and products go to Details of Sessions