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This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.

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Many of our clients have kindly offered to make themselves personally available to share their experiences. Please see their stories below.

In addition, if you are still sceptical check out the 'Ralph' article, the journalist was very sceptical however by the end of the tantra sessions he said "with my new magic power I could have sex for ages and still be ready for more:' read the whole article below.

Shaun (29) Perth
I’m really interested in sexuality and in fact this was turning into a real liability because for several years sex was in my thoughts and feelings 100% of the time. In the way I reacted to everyone, in my job and in my study. It was a real obsession for me.

I did three sessions with Michelle, the Tantra Goddess, who guided me through the practices, which Kerry had told, be about during our phone consultation. The sessions had a huge effect on me. I really connected my sexuality with my heart feelings. It was such a breakthrough- Awesome- I feel rebalanced. Even now two months later I still feel ‘whole’ and thoughts of sex do not totally dominate my life any more. I feel a lot more connected in myself.

Alex (32) Sydney
Doing a psychology degree with a major in sexology I thought Tantra would be an interesting topic for a research paper. In preparation I read lots of Tantra books and decided to do some private sessions to learn first hand.

I had individual sessions with Michelle, the Tantric coach; it’s so hard to put into words. A practical session is so different from reading about it in books. I got a glimpse of what I think tantra is about, the potential of the transformational energy, it was such a beautiful intense experience. I realized there was more to it that I ever thought possible. It was a significant experience!

Grant (45) Brisbane
I’ve been divorced for 3 years after a 10 year marriage. I thought it was time to find out more about tantra. After reading Kerry’s book and having an appointment with the goddess I learnt so much. It’s amazing just how much we as men have missed out on our sexual education. Kerry has brought the tantric sex skills and put them in a language that guys can understand and apply. Great stuff!

Jason (45)
I'd heard the word Tantra but I really didn't know anything about it, I just inquired out of interest. Kerry's explanation was straightforward and easy to understand. He said I could have a physical experience with a beautiful young woman. He explained there was no physical intercourse but that I'd definitely get the experience and learn enough to be able to use the skills while making love with another woman. I couldn't quite understand how that could happen without intercourse but decided to try it anyway.

I ended up doing the master program and I had experiences of pleasure I'd never felt before. The sexual energy I felt in myself and radiating from the goddess was incredible. The next woman I made love to, knew nothing of Tantra, I didn't even mention it but she certainly got the experience; she said she had never felt so good with a man. I wish I'd discovered this when I was younger.

John (33)
I had ejaculation control difficulties, my first wife was always criticising me about it and it made me feel terrible. We finally split up but the problem then became that every time I met someone who I really liked I was afraid about getting into bed with him or her. These sessions with the Goddess have been life transforming for me; I didn't realise how deeply hurt I was inside. In the sessions there was a lot of nurturing, intimacy and sexual healing she did with me before even going into any control techniques. She built trust and confidence in me and helped open my heart again. The skills of thought, breath, muscle release and taking the passionate intense sexual energy I felt in my genitals to the warmth and love I felt in my heart were the keys for me. By the forth session I managed to be sexually peaked 5 or 6 times in 30 minutes without loosing control. I'm a much better lover now, not only physically but on many levels. I know what it means now to turn sex into making love. I'm sort of glad I had this problem before, although I hated it when it happened, it's lead me into experiences I may never have come across in my life.

Joshua (24)
I go to Latin American dance classes; my teacher introduced me to a book on Tantra. I didn't have any sex problems I was just interested in what it was about. I liked what I read, but felt reluctant about trying it with a new woman. I didn't want 'to blow it' so to speak. The first time I tried it was with a woman who had also read the book, but it felt awkward. It's like trying to dance Salsa from a book - you do the steps but you don't get the rhythm the flow of the dance. Once Kerry introduced me to the Goddess she took me into the dance and I got the experience that was talked about in the book for the first time. After four weeks I'm doing it, it's fantastic. I feel so good about knowing these love making skills. It's what I do when I make love now. It makes me different from other guys and every woman I've tried it with loves it.

Peter (55)
My wife doesn't want sex as much as I do. I try to do without it for weeks sometimes, but I consider myself still young and I don't want to lose that part of my life. I'd been to a couple of sex workers, but it's not really what I want. It's just physical relief; they don't really connect with you or teach you anything about being a better lover. I don't expect them to. That's not their job, but I needed more. The Goddess was not only physically beautiful she was a beautiful woman, and she knew how to treat a man. She taught me how to take these practices back to my wife to help to revitalise her interest in sex. I really didn't know what to expect but my experience with the Goddess and the knowledge Kerry shared with me has been invaluable. I'd highly recommend it to any man. The goddess I had the session with is one of the gems of this world.

Anton (37)
I've practiced yoga for ten years and read books on Tantra, Mantak Chia, Margo Anand and the Karma Sutra. I've introduced some of these practices to my partner but I always felt as if I was leading her, she loves it. But when I saw the ad 'Tantra Goddess" it interested me because I had previously read that Sacred Sex was originally practiced by women and taught to men. In fact some of the best Tantra teachers I met were introduced to it through a woman. These women are referred to as Dakini or Yogini of sexual loving.

I wanted to experience what it would be like to be with a woman skilled in the arts of the Sensual Goddess. I don't think many men would have had that experience. I'm glad I took the step. A lot of the practices I had been doing before, involved control of my sexual energies and pleasing my partner without fully enjoying the pleasure I was feeling. What I learnt throughout the Tantra Goddess sessions was to surrender into the sacred space of the Goddess and it's changed my whole way of loving a woman.

Andrew (43)
I separated from my wife 18 months ago and eventually started dating a few women again. I quickly became disillusioned about these new relationships. The physcial sex was good but I missed the emotional and spiritual aspects of a deep loving experience. I didn't know how to initaite this, but after an hour with Kerry, who was both sensitive and knowledgeable regarding these matters, I got the answers I was looking for. Then I met the Goddess, and what a Goddess. I felt safe to open my heart again and give and receive pleasure. Anyone who takes this path will meet a class loving teacher who commands respect and love. To be taught like this is a very rare and precious gift to receive."