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Advanced Tantric pleasuring skill

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'The Secrets of Sacred Sex Video'

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This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.

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For couples and women's workshops and the Australian School of Tantra click here.

Details of the sessions

Private one to one sessions with a Tantric Goddess skilled in the Art of Tantric Sex

Your Options are:
1. The essential tantric sex program
2. Master tantric sex program
3. The complete tantric sex program
4. Tantric private sessions for couples
5. Tantric workshops for couples
6. Tantric massage
7. Tantric sex video/DVD and products
8. Tantric correspondence course and associate goddess program
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1. The essential tantric sex program. Sydney Australia
This program includes a phone consultation with Kerry, author of the best selling ‘Tantric Secrets for men; what every woman would want her man to know’ to prepare you for the tantric session and to select a Tantra goddess appropriate for you, plus the all important one and a half hour private tantric session with the goddess to put the tantric skills into practice. This program is priced at $250. Sessions are at North Sydney, Perth, brisbane and New Castle.

For bookings contact Zoe on 0430 194 940, or go to appointments. For more info go to... What can I expect from these sessions.

Results of others:
Luke 38 years:
“Whenever my partner was about to orgasm I would come to soon and be disappointed. With the essential tantra practices I can now last long enough for her to be fully satisfied AND I’ve learned how to do internal tantric orgasm, so I can make love as many times as I choose. I wish I was taught these skills when I was younger. The goddess was very special.”

Harry 52 years:
“I’ve been married for 22 yrs, we love each other but sex had lost its spark. After my tantra session with the tantra goddess I had the most exciting sex with my partner for ages. The secret tantric practices to keep my erection strength and build my desire have been invaluable. I never expected to feel like this again. I feel like I’m 22 instead of 52. After this I paid for my 21yr old son to go along also, so when he meets the right girl he’ll know much more than most men. He loved it too!

For more see Testimonials

For bookings contact call Zoe 0430 194940, or go to Appointments

2. Master tantric sex program; Sydney Australia
If both the client, and importantly the Tantra goddess, feels comfortable to continue with intensive coaching a master program can be arranged over a four week period. This is tailored to meet individual needs. This master program can be discussed on application. Tantric Sessions are in Sydney Australia, Perth, Brisbane and New Castle.

3. The complete tantric sex program: Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and New Castle Australia
This tantric program gives you the secrets and practices of tantric sex and the real experience of being with a woman skilled in the arts of sacred sex:

  • One and a half hour practical session with the Tantra Goddess.
  • The book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’, value $30
  • The DVD “’The Secrets of Sacred Sex’, value $49.95
  • Audio lecture from Kerry where you have insightful guidance from Kerry’s specialized knowledge gained from studying and practicing tantric sex for 25 years.

Special package price for all of this is $280

For bookings contact call Zoe 0430 194940, or go to Appointments

4. Tantric private sessions for couples. Sydney Australia.
Many couples are wishing to expand their lovemaking experience and value their relationship too much to have affairs or find alternatives such as swing clubs threatening to the specialness of their commitment to each other. If both partners are willing the goddess can provide a program of up to three tantric sessions where you can learn;

  • Tantric heart to heart connection
  • Spiritual wave meditation
  • How to expand pleasure and arousal of the whole body.
  • Achieve prolonged orgasm
  • Transform sexual loving into a deeply profound and ecstatic experience
  • Tantric sex meditation
  • Erotic tantric massage skills
  • Tantric Sexual communication skills to guide your partner to more of what you want in bed.
Tantric sex can bond relationships and ad a new dimension to the ways you make love, building a deeper level of intimacy and connectedness with your partner. You get to explore higher levels of sexual ecstasy together in a safe and supportive environment with a goddess you can trust.
See Claudia and Glen’s experience in Testimonials.

Sessions are held in North Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane.

5. Tantric workshops for couples
These one day workshops are held every two to three months and are about enriching potentially the most dynamic and soul nourishing areas of our life, love, sex, relationships.

‘If some one wants to be a great musician, singer, or engineer, they do not rely only on their knowledge.

They will seek the best sources of education available.

The same is true for lovers who want the best.’

‘Tantric sex secrets’ - Kerry Riley for the next workshop in Sydney Australia click here.

call Diane 0404 468618

6. Tantric massage. Sydney and Melbourne
Tantric massage can awaken the five senses and start your deeper journey intotantra.

Call Zoe 0430 194940to discuss and make an appointment.

7. Tantric sex video/DVD and products
The tantric sex products are carefully selected by Kerry as being some of the best currently available. Tantra Books, videos, audio lecture CD’s, CD’s, music and other tantric sex aids. The products are being continually added to as they become available. Click here.

8. Tantric correspondence course and associate goddess program.
This is an option if you are not able to travel to Sydney.

Total study package: Tantra book, tantra sex skills video, four week course outline, and four audio CD’s, including exercises and further reading references followed by a referral to an appropriate goddess in a location closest to you. For more info click here.

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