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10 min introductory talk on Tantra and details of the Essential Tantric Sex Session

Tantra Video, DVD, Books and Lecture Tapes

This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.
For couples and women's workshops and the Australian School of Tantra click here.

These sessions do not include intercourse.

The content in this site is ADULTS ONLY and is not intended for people less than 18 years old. If you are not 18 years of age or older please leave this site.

Please note:
The stills shown throughout are used to give you some idea of what you have you can look forward to in your sessions with a Tantric Goddess. They are from the video "The Secrets of Sacred Sex" and used with the kind permission of Tantric Arts Pty Ltd. The people involved in the video are not involved in this initiative.

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7 years ago


Tantra sessions for men were developed. These tantra, tantric sexuality sessions are an unique way for people to discover and experience tantra and tantric sex.

Tantra sessions are offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Newcastle, Australia. They are private one to one sessions with a tantra goddess for men who want to learn tantra and tantric sex secrets with a woman who thoroughly embodies the goddess of tantra love and sexuality. CLICK HERE TO MEET A TANTRA GODDESS IN YOUR AREA Book now

Tantra sessions will transform your love life forever. You can call Ally to book an appointment that will transform your love and life
call Zoe 0430 194940
. Or go to the bookings request page right now to see a tantra goddess.

You will discover:

  • Tantra and tantric sex enhance your lovemaking skills to bring a new dimension and fresh vitality into your love life.
  • Tantra techniques to extend lovemaking and master ejaculation control to give your partner greater pleasure.
  • How to turn sex into making love, pleasure into ecstasy through tantra.
  • Tantric sex practices to satisfy a woman on every level: combine sexuality with spirituality.
  • Tantric sex keys to whole body orgasm and valley orgasm and female sexual ecstasy, learn tantric massage from an expert.
  • Tantra, Kama Sutra and Taoist sex methods for sexual virility and maintaining erection strength and eliminating pre mature ejaculation, learn these tantric skills as an alternative to nasal spray technology.
  • Tantric massage, Taoist massage, Kama Sutra and sensual massage skills.
  • Tantric sex secrets and practices to extend female orgasm for your partner.

You get to put tantra / tantric sex skills into practice, beyond the books and workshops, into a real experience with a Tantra Goddess. This is an extraordinary opportunity to be with a beautiful woman who understands the ancient Tantra secrets to heighten sensuality and unlock the feeling energies of the heart and blend that with Tantra mediation.

Private Tantra sessions are also available for couples in Sydney, perth, NewCastle and Brisbane, click HERE for more info.

For more information on these private tantric/ tantra sessions and costs go to Details of sessions. Or call Zoe 0430 194940

Apart from sharing my specialized knowledge and experience about tantra and tantric sex (via phone consultations) you can have up to four private sessions in the arts of tantra and sacred sex who will lovingly coach you to experience higher awareness and loving skill. You can get a first hand experience of tantra with a woman who thoroughly embodies the goddess of love and sexuality.

These Tantra one to one sessions are created by Kerry Riley.

Who are we and what are our qualification to teach tantra and tantric sex?

Kerry and his partner Diane are the authors of the best selling book ‘Sexual secrets for Men, what every woman would want her man to know’, Random house, Australia and ‘Tantric secrets for Men’ in the USA and Europe. They co-created the tantra video, DVD ‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex’ sold over 200,000 copies world wide. This attests to the quality of their work. No other tantra teachers in Australia have such a respected and international recognition. Kerry and Diane are directors of the Australian School of Tantra. Click here to more information on the extensive and professional background.

Click here for the book “Sexual secrets for men’

Click here for the DVD ‘The secrets of sacred sex’.

To get further understanding of how you can benefit from the one to one tantra sessions with a Tantra Goddess go to testimonials.

To make an appointment lcall Zoe 0430 194940 or click here.

Please note:
The Tantra goddess one to one sessions for men is a unique site in Sydney Australia. The success of this work has been the subject of newspaper, magazine and radio interviews in Australia and the USA. These sessions are to give practical experience, they are of a sexual nature, however this is not a prostitution service, there is no intercourse, and this is a practical educational session.

Selected articles are available through the updates page and the newsletter. These articles can add to your understanding of tantra and give you an insight into what you can expect from the sessions. The articles are from Sydney Morning Herald - The Good Weekend June 2003 “Tantra teachers Australia”. Interview with Kerry and Diane Riley F.H.M. Magazine, ‘Tantra made easy’- July 2003, Sydney Australia. Interview with Kerry Riley. Ralph Magazine, ‘Staying power through Tantra’ August 2003 Sydney, Australia. “Sting, the famous pop singer can have sex with his wife for about 1 million hours straight, through tantra, and his wife Trudie Styler has never been seen in public with out a really big smile. I’ve got to find out why, And how! ….”

Australian School of Tantra (ASOT) has accredited each Goddess referred to on this web page. That accreditation means that ASOT is satisfied that each Goddess has undertaken a course of training, has been certified by an acceptable training organisation and has satisfied ASOT's requirements for accreditation as a Tantra Goddess. However, clients must make their own enquiries, and accept all risks, regarding the services available from each Goddess, and ASOT provides no warranty or representation as to the services provided, or not provided, by any Goddess, and whether and to what extent she may or may not meet any relevant standards in relation to any services provided.