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This site is appropriate for men wanting to explore Tantra as an individual to enable them to integrate practices into their current life and relationships.

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Background on Kerry and Diane Riley

Kerry Riley and his partner Diane were responsible for the introduction as teachers of tantra sex education, tantra seminars and tantra workshops to Australia being in 1986. Their contribution to sacred sexuality and tantric relationships has been recognized internationally with the success of the video, now DVD ‘The Secrets of Sacred Sex’ sold around the world.

Kerry Riley and Diane authored ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’ published by Random House, Sydney Australia which has sold over 30,000 copies. It is now published as ’Tantric Secrets for Men’ in the US.

Kerry Riley and Diane founded the Australia School of Tantra, North Sydney Australia. Over the past 15 years Kerry and Diane Riley have been teachers of tantra workshops and seminars for singles and couples plus giving individual couples consultations for beginners and intermediate and advanced students.

Their tantra sexuality and Tantra goddess seminars and workshops have been a regular feature at the Body, Mind, Spirit festivals in Sydney and Melbourne. The success of Kerry and Diane’s workshops and sessions has been the subject of numerous articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, Nova, Ralph, Penthouse, Men’s Health, and FHM magazines.

Interviewed as tantra sex consultants, Kerry and Diane Riley have contributed to the Rosie King show and Sex Life, TV shows. They present regular tantra workshops and provide consultations for couples, women and men who are wishing to learn more about contemporary tantric sexuality and skills of tantric relationship.

Originally trained as a shiatsu therapist Kerry Riley has had teacher training in yoga and meditation in ‘Dojo’ in Japan. He was recognized world wide for the successful ‘Kerry Riley’s Mind Power course’ which over 40,000 people attended between 1985 and 1995.

Diane trained as a yoga and meditation teacher with the East West Foundation, then with Kerry studied Sacred Sexuality and Tantra with authors Dr Stephen Chang, Moore University, The Muirs, Larry Collins, David and Ellen Ramsdale, and associated esoteric systems.

“Diane and I have always fervently believed that passion, joy, love and sexuality can be heightened and sustained throughout a lifetime. And that sexual love is a sacrament.

The Past

We’ve been together for 25 years and sacred sex and tantra has not only been our inspiration but also directed our professional life. We’ve taught tantra workshops throughout Australia, Italy, Japan, Bali and Canada. In the 80’s and 90’s we were certainly the path finders in teaching people ways of transforming sexual loving into a deeply profound and ecstatic experience.

Since that time

I have continued to explore and develop further levels of tantra and tantra education. The information I taught in the past is currently available in many books and is readily assessable. So I have moved on into developing unique and effective ways of teaching the arts of sacred love so people can have a very real and practical experience. The Tantra Goddess sessions I have developed are a perfect way of doing this.

Diane is currently writing a new book on women’s sexuality which will be available soon. She regularly runs Tantra workshops for women on ‘Discovering the Tantric Goddess within’ and joins me for teaching Tantra couples workshops interstate and overseas.

To contact us call Zoe 0430 194940.